We believe in

Companies that see the
potential of their people
Technology that unlocks
human potential
Preparing all workers for the
jobs of tomorrow
Supporting those in the jobs
that matter most
Taking care
of the caregivers

About Us

We discover value in the world's people.

Two Sigma Impact will combine active, principled ownership and data science with the goal of achieving superior returns and positive social outcomes.

We are focused on workforce impact – where we anticipate innovative and thoughtful investments in humans will lead to an enhanced employee experience, productivity and long-term financial returns.

Our Philosophy

We will apply the scientific method to impact investing.

Technology and automation are incredibly powerful tools that play a key role in the future of work, but as capital continues to be invested in technology-and data-driven businesses, relatively less investment is being made in building companies that depend more heavily on human capital. That’s where we see opportunity.

For almost two decades, Two Sigma has applied technology, data science, and human invention to solve difficult problems across financial services. We will apply those resources, along with a rigorous, scientific mindset, to maximize leadership teams’ ability to achieve better business outcomes and create meaningful work for more people.

Our Approach

We are experienced private equity investors who have partnered alongside management teams to build successful businesses across industries, geographies and market cycles.

We are bringing Two Sigma’s world-class data science expertise and technology resources to private markets investing.

We are creating a workforce impact framework focused on developing thoughtful human capital management tools to unlock human potential and create the best workplaces for employees.

Investment Focus

We will invest in companies that invest in their people.

Our four industry verticals represent ~50 percent of the U.S. economy and are expected to create over ~5 million jobs by 20281.

1 US Department of Labor – September 2019


Businesses focused on preparing workers for the jobs of tomorrow, through services aimed at the career journey


Areas of healthcare where we believe current capacity or the current model is insufficient to meet tomorrow’s demands


Areas of consumer services with potential for resilience across time and economic cycles


Human-centric B2B businesses supporting the rapidly evolving service-based economy

Portfolio Companies

We are focused on investing in two types of
companies, enablers and employers.

Penn Foster

Our first investment, Penn Foster is a digital learning platform that works in partnership with major employers, public workforce agencies, and community-based organizations to provide skill-based training for more than 300,000 working learners each year. Penn Foster seeks to help individuals discover pathways to opportunity through accredited diploma, certificate and degree programs that matter in high-growth, high-skill jobs.

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We're a passionate team
with a big mission.

We’ve brought together a dynamic combination of investment professionals, data science expertise and human capital management to help companies unlock the full potential of their workforce.


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Come join our team.

We are on a journey to drive better outcomes for workers and help companies achieve better business performance. We are looking for like-minded investment professionals, researchers and data scientists to join our team.